IFLO - Bag of Bootleg Bugs

IFLO - Bag of Bootleg Bugs

from 10.00

Got that weird mutant cockroach pest control guy action figure from that really awesome late 80s? Don’t have any of the little “Scumbugs” he originally came with? Well fear not, because now you can make-believe your a slumlord and give these roaches their own hotel to call home!

And unofficially complete that figure, too, I guess…

  • Made of tinted resin with colour matched and glow-in-the-dark options.

  • Colour-matched option comes with eight orange scumbags colour matched to the best of our abilities to the original accessory colour.

  • The GID option comes with four Blood Orange, two GID green, and two GID blue Scumbugs.

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