"FRED" TMNT Figure Stands

"FRED" TMNT Figure Stands

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Hand-made high quality action figure display stands, suitable for your 1988 TMNT collection. Nick-named "Fred" after Fred Wolf and the original animated series he produced, rocketing the Turtles into stardom and a true staple of Americana!

We all know the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure line is INCOMPARABLE! But we also know, that as cool as they are, not all of them were designed to stand very well on their own. These figure stands are designed to fit right in with that classic style, while helping your favorite figures (or perhaps even all your figures) stand out, and more importantly, STAND UP, amongst the crowd. 

Forget those stands by those other companies; they're cheap in price, yes, but they're also cheap in quality, and character. Our Barretticus-brand stands are made with thick, rock-solid resin and a reinforced 1/8" aluminum rivet foot peg*, making them virtually indestructible!

*NOTE: These foot pegs will not fit all action figures. We have produced them  to fit 1988 TMNT figures, but they will also fit some other brand of action figures, some DC or NECA for example, but these have not fit any Marvel figures so far. 

There are three variants available here; blank white for you to custom paint how ever you see fit; Grey to match the colour and style of some accessories so they look great on display unpainted; or Hand-painted and we will custom paint them for you!

Blank whites are $5 a piece, Greys are $6.50, and Hand-Painted will run $10 a piece.

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Action Figure Stand best suited for 1988 Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Hand-made, each stand is cast in poured resin and contains a reinforced 1/8" rivet peg for maximum durability and stability. these will not fit the 3/16" foot-hole in Modern Nickelodeon TMNT figures. 

These are white blanks, in two styles; classic "Fred" and modern "Nick" and are ready for you to paint!